Ageing with cigarette stained wallpaper

Chipped skirting board 

Peeling paint on fence with crackle glaze

Detail of layers

Mahogany wood graining

Chipped painted line

Textured woodgraining and aging on boards

Woodgraining and graphite steel studs

Rusted fence post with faux metal bolt 

Granite via dottles and layering splatter

Washes on egg and dart moulding


 Painted vacuum packed bricks

Gungey brick effect 

Rust and corrugated iron 

Rusted steel panel on ship, with stencil


I'm a scenic artist at the beginning of my career, who has just completed James Rowse's Scenic Art course. I am now looking to gain experience and work within the industry.


- Nov 2023: James Rowse Scenic Art Course

-Centraline Fabrications for Groundhog Day

-Assisting Charlotte Bownass for Chasing Hares at the Young Vic



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